Consciousness, Action & Time Lab
PI: Dr. Eve Isham


Action and Consciousness Laboratory – SFSU
PI: Dr. Ezequiel Morsella
In the Action and Consciousness Lab, to investigate “overflow” arguments I conducted an experiment that examined participants’ subjective estimates of the contents of their visual sensory memory during the classic Sperling iconic memory task. Motivated by my interest in aspects of action production that facilitate entry into awareness, I also conducted a behavioral experiment that investigated how participants’ conscious perception of time is affected by trained (versus untrained) motor action. Further, with a broad interest in the influence of unconscious processes on voluntary action, I conducted a study that investigated how unconscious processes influence spontaneously experienced memories.

Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory – SFSU
PI: Dr. Mark Geisler
In the Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab, I conducted two EEG experiments that examined 1) how automatizing motor action through training can influence the perception of time, and 2) whether participants had prior response certainty about their decision making processes in Libet’s seminal study.

D’Esposito Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory – UC Berkeley
PI: Dr. Mark D’Esposito and Postdoc Dr. Derek Evan Nee
Under the direction of the D’Esposito Lab, I worked as a 3T fMRI scanner operator and TMS technician (using Magstim and Brainsight) in the Brain Imaging Center, connected with the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute. I worked with Postdoc Derek Evan Nee on a project looking at the organization of working memory as a function of content and control. This project pressed on the question of how hierarchical representations in the brain might benefit the system.